Advantages of HCG Drops Over Injections

Are you interested in increasing your levels of HCG, to help you lose weight? If so, then you probably already know that there are two ways to take HCG available today – injections and drops taken orally. You may be wondering which method is better, and drops are the clear winner when you compare the two side by side. To help you discover the benefits of taking HCG drops, rather than suffering through endless injections, let’s take at look at their advantages in greater detail below.


There is no getting around the fact that injections come with a small amount of pain. While this is certainly at a tolerable level, why put yourself through this type of ordeal if it isn’t necessary? Also, many people suffer from a fear of needles, and this is a common phobia. Drops taken by mouth are an excellent alternative, as anyone can use this approach and no pain or needles are ever involved!

More Convenient

Getting HCG injections can be quite time-consuming, as you have to visit your doctor’s office on a consistent basis. Or, if you choose to administer lower dose injections yourself instead, you’ll still have to set aside extra time. First, you’ll be responsible for obtaining a prescription and filling it, which requires trips to both the doctor and the pharmacy. Often, you’ll have to mix the desired dosage as well, using a kit which is provided. All of this adds up to a bigger dent in your schedule, unlike drops which you can take easily at any time.


Many people find that injections are too expensive for them, as they involve both doctor co-pays and the cost for the prescription itself. If your doctor gives you the shot at the office, then expect to pay even more. Even if you do it yourself, you’ll still be out of pocket much more in the end. In contrast, HCG drops don’t require any prescription, and you are free to purchase them whenever you wish.

Also, their cost is typically far lower than injections, and you can even shop around to get the best deal. How much can you really save? HCG injections can add up quickly, and they can cost several hundred dollars each and every month. HCG drops on the other hand are just a fraction of that price, making your weight loss plan far more economical when you choose this approach.

Just As Effective

You may be leaning towards HCG injections because you think that they’ll be more effective. After all, you don’t want to waste your time and money on a method that simply doesn’t work. Fortunately, research has shown that both HCG injections and drops create very similar weight loss results.

Get Started Today

As you can see, HCG drops have many distinct advantages over injections, making them the superior choice. The drops are painless and far more convenient, as you won’t need a doctor visit or prescription to get you started. In addition, the drops are significantly cheaper as well, and studies have demonstrated that they are nearly identical in their effects. So, why put yourself through the expense and hassle of HCG injections, when the alternative is so much better? After all, you can lose the weight just as you desire, while saving time, money and aggravation!

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