Appropriate HCG Exercises

Losing weight requires time and effort. However, unlike what other people think, dieting is not enough. Your body has to remain active in order to burn the excess fat that has been stored in your body. So, while you are cutting back on unhealthy food and replacing them with healthy options, it is also important to find time to squeeze in an exercise regimen.

If you are taking HCG Drops, finding the appropriate HCG exercises is a must. It is not required to exercise while on the HCG diet but if you are able to it can help. For quick results, an appropriate exercise regime done in the right way and proper amounts should be in place. This will raise the rate of burning fats in your body, thereby speeding up your weight loss.

Nonetheless, you must take note of the fact that not all types of exercises are advisable while you are on the HCG drops. The general rule of thumb here is that high intensity exercises are not recommended. Instead, the exercises should be short and of light to medium intensity. Unlike in other exercises, you should avoid burning too many calories from exercise while you are taking the HCG drops.


Walking is one of the best exercises that you can do while you are on the HCG drops. Covering one or two miles on a regular basis for about three days a week will be great. It will burn the stored fats in your body. It will also be best if you do fast paced walking to lose weight faster the safe way. Take note though that brisk walking is enough and you should not go overboard with jogging.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise can be a lot of fun and it burns body fat in such a short period of time. Aside from the weight loss benefits, aerobic exercises are also known for strengthening the body; hence, keeping your body healthy and fit for the long term. You can do this alone or with your fitness buddies for more fun.


Cycling is also a recommended exercise for those who are taking HCG drops. What is good about this exercise is that it does not strain your back muscles as well as your joints. More than that, you will be able to enjoy the view outside and get a breath of fresh air while biking around the park. If you are not fond of the outdoors though, then working on a stationary bike at home or in the gym will do.


Swimming is also one of the appropriate HCG exercises. Like cycling, this will not cause any stress or strain to your muscles and joints. At the same time, it will keep your body fit while exercising all the muscles in your body. It can be fun, too.


Another fun and helpful exercise that you can do while you are on the HCG drops is yoga. This will increase not only your strength, but also your flexibility. You can do this several times a week if you want to. It will also help you establish good body and mind connection as well as body balance.

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