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Advantages of HCG Drops Over Injections

Are you interested in increasing your levels of HCG, to help you lose weight? If so, then you probably already know that there are two ways to take HCG available today – injections and drops taken orally. You may be wondering which method is better, and drops are the clear winner when you compare the two side by side. To help you discover the benefits of taking HCG drops, rather than suffering through endless injections, let’s take at look at their advantages in greater detail below.


There is no getting around the fact that injections come with a small amount of pain. While this is certainly at a tolerable level, why put yourself through this type of ordeal if it isn’t necessary? Also, many people suffer from a fear of needles, and this is a common phobia. Drops taken by mouth are an excellent alternative, as anyone can use this approach and no pain or needles are ever involved!

More Convenient

Getting HCG injections can be quite time-consuming, as you have to visit your doctor’s office on a consistent basis. Or, if you choose to administer lower dose injections yourself instead, you’ll still have to set aside extra time. First, you’ll be responsible for obtaining a prescription and filling it, which requires trips to both the doctor and the pharmacy. Often, you’ll have to mix the desired dosage as well, using a kit which is provided. All of this adds up to a bigger dent in your schedule, unlike drops which you can take easily at any time.


Many people find that injections are too expensive for them, as they involve both doctor co-pays and the cost for the prescription itself. If your doctor gives you the shot at the office, then expect to pay even more. Even if you do it yourself, you’ll still be out of pocket much more in the end. In contrast, HCG drops don’t require any prescription, and you are free to purchase them whenever you wish.

Also, their cost is typically far lower than injections, and you can even shop around to get the best deal. How much can you really save? HCG injections can add up quickly, and they can cost several hundred dollars each and every month. HCG drops on the other hand are just a fraction of that price, making your weight loss plan far more economical when you choose this approach.

Just As Effective

You may be leaning towards HCG injections because you think that they’ll be more effective. After all, you don’t want to waste your time and money on a method that simply doesn’t work. Fortunately, research has shown that both HCG injections and drops create very similar weight loss results.

Get Started Today

As you can see, HCG drops have many distinct advantages over injections, making them the superior choice. The drops are painless and far more convenient, as you won’t need a doctor visit or prescription to get you started. In addition, the drops are significantly cheaper as well, and studies have demonstrated that they are nearly identical in their effects. So, why put yourself through the expense and hassle of HCG injections, when the alternative is so much better? After all, you can lose the weight just as you desire, while saving time, money and aggravation!

HCG Diet – Are HCG Injections Dangerous?

There is a benefit to both the homeopathic drops and the injections. They both give the same results of losing up to two pounds a day whether taken in a drop or an injection form. The injections were started over fifty years ago when Dr. A.T.W. Simeons discovered the hCG diet protocol. The injections were given to patients for over fifty years, so naturally people believe that this was the only way to get onto the hCG diet program. There have been many more strides since the discovery of hCG that now allows dieters to take the hCG as a homeopathic drop three times a day. The homeopathic drops are a more convenient and natural method to taking the hCG diet protocol. With the injections a dieter will need to inject themselves with a needle once a day. Many people do not like needles and needles can sting. Taking oral drops is a much easier way to get the same results as an injection would give. The drops will need to be refrigerated after every use.

Deciding which method to take will always depend on the preference of the dieter. The injections are usually given into the thigh which can cause some bruising. The drops need to be taken three times a day and refrigerated. The benefits of the drops are that they do not cause any pain or bruising. Some people may believe that taking the injection is easier because it only needs to happen once a day. When taking the drops three times a day people will need to make more of a commitment, so that they can remember to take the oral drops throughout their day. Once a dieter starts to see results immediately upon taking the drops or injections they may not mind how the protocol is distributed, but after taking so many shots in the thigh over a matter of days, they may be singing a different tune.

Another great benefit for taking the drops instead of the injections is the price tag. It used to be that the only people who took the hCG injections were people with money. The cost for the injections was as expensive back then as it is today. The hCG homeopathic drops are much cheaper, which has allowed the diet to be introduced to a larger audience. People on the hCG diet program are not allowed to wear any type of make up or sun tan oils that have fat in them. Make up such as lipstick, sun tan oil, and some lotions are strictly forbidden while on the diet. This is so that people will have the maximum benefit while losing fat. The homeopathic drops are created under the strict guidelines of the Pharmacopeia that exists in the United States. They are also created in a certified FDA lab and only with the most superior of ingredients are used. The drops are also quality controlled for maximum safety and optimal effectiveness. The drops are blended correctly with the right amount of the hCG so that it can be absorbed through the body much better.

The hCG injections effect the Hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain that covers a persons appetite, as well as their sleep cycles and temperature. By effecting a persons appetite through the Hypothalamus they are able to lose fat in their hips, legs, abdomen, thighs, and butt. The fat in the skin and the face is not effected. The hCG is beneficial because it summons the fat and makes it accessible to the body as a natural process for energy, which then reduces a persons hunger. The hCG diet does not just help people to lose weight. It helps people to lose fat.

Many of the reasons why people will gain weight or even become obese is because their Hypothalamus is weak, which in turn creates a situation where a person never feels satisfied after they eat. The hCG drops and injections help strengthen the Hypothalamus by protecting the body from losing bone density and muscle. The hCG will only help the body to lose stored fat. The homeopathic drops have ingredients, such as amino acids, digestion aides, lymphatic stimulants, support for irritability, natural diuretics, gland and nutrition support, muscle toners, dissolves cellulite, promotes energy, and supports the liver. The amino acids are called Arginine L-Carnitine Ornithine, and they are the building blocks that create the proteins. The body needs proteins for the best support of body functions, muscles, and the brain. The amino acids also help the liver function by decreasing the stress it accumulates by taking in toxins and fatty foods. The hCG homeopathic drops help the liver to function more properly and to balance the bodies digestive processes. It also helps to absorb nutrients, which creates less appetite.

The most beneficial reason to take the homeopathic drops is that they have less side-effects than the injections. This combined with the fact that HCG drops are just as effective, mush less expensive, and way more convenient is why people prefer the drops over injections.

HCG Drops Vs HCG Injections

Many people have decided to take control of their lives and weights by embarking on the homeopathic HCG diet program. It has proven to be a really great, effective way to lose weight and keep it off for good. If you have decided this is the path for you, congratulations! You will be amazed at the results you will begin to see immediately and will feel healthier with each day.

Once you’ve decided to take the first important step, you may come across two different ways to take the HCG formula: through drops or injections. Both techniques involve similar formulas and result in a weight loss of one to two pounds per day. They both are also combined with a very low calorie diet that optimizes the fat burning process. So how do you decide which method is best?

The original HCG diet plan was created by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons who used injections for his clients. Some people believe that the original injections are the best way to participate in the program, however, as the plan was created 50 years ago the method is a bit outdated. Instead, the diet plan has evolved to include a homeopathic oral drop for an easier and more convenient form of taking the formula.

Some complaints about the drops are that they have to be refrigerated and taken three times a day as compared to the once a day injection. Keep in mind, however, that inserting a needle into your body everyday can be much more of a hassle. The shots are usually injected into the thigh which can sometimes be painful and result in temporary yet visible bruising. With the drops you do not have to worry about any potential pain or bruising as the drops are simply placed under the tongue.

So which one do you use, shots or drops? While it may be tempting to use the once a day shot, the drops are much more modern, safe and widely available. They also have a longer shelf life and are easier to obtain.

With our HCG drops and diet plan, you now have a way to effectively lose weight safely and in the private and comfort of your own home. The plan involves the safe weight loss formula and a new way of thinking about food that ensures years of healthy weight maintenance even once you have ended your diet. By beginning today you are taking control of your weight for a healthier and happier future.