Frequently Asked Questions About HCG

What is HCG?

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and is a glycoprotein hormone produced in women during pregnancy. In males, it is used by the body to help restore and maintain testosterone production in the testes.

What is the difference between HCG Detox and the HCG weight loss formula?

The HCG Detox is designed to help people get toxins out of the body – not to effectively lose weight and keep it off. The Detox does not have the necessary amino acids, and as a result you will feel hungry, lethargic and have a desire to cheat on the low calorie diet. The HCG weight loss formula does have the correct amino acids, which help you break down excess fat and give you energy at the same time.

Oral HCG drops vs HCG injections

Most clients prefer the HCG drops to the injections and have found more success from them. The drops have given them more energy post diet and no muscle loss at all. The drops also travel better and have a much longer shelf life. Most importantly, there is no pain or risk of infection as the drops are simply placed under the tongue.

What sweeteners can I use on the program?

It is not advised to take any artificial sweeteners while on the HCG diet as they are chemically enhanced and unhealthy overall. This includes nutrisweet, aspartame, Splenda, acesulfame and sucrose. The only approved sweetener is Stevia.

Who can do the HCG diet?

There is no limit to age or sex when it comes to who is allowed to participate in the HCG diet. However, it is important that you consult a physician before starting any diet to make sure your body is healthy enough to begin the process. Children under 12 are also required to consult a physician. If you are pregnant or nursing, have conflicting prescription medication or any health problems, it is not advisable to do the program.

What supplements can I take with the program?

When you are on the HCG diet you will want to take vitamin B-12. This is an essential vitamin that helps to produce and maintain energy levels in the body. It is a good idea to stay away from vitamins A, D and E as they can hinder the process.

How does the HCG diet work?

When men and women take HCG, it helps the body to use up excess stored fat as energy as well as eliminate toxins in the body. The diet can burn up to 3000 to 4500 fat calories a day which amount to around one to two pounds.

How do I store the drops?

The HCG drops need to be stored in a cool, dry place out of contact with light. They can also be stored in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life. This is recommended if you do not plan to use the drops for several weeks.

Do I need the HCG to lose weight?

When you embark on the HCG diet plan you will be restricted to a low, 500 calorie diet. You may be wondering if you could do this diet without the HCG, and the answer is yes but you won’t have the same results. The reason is because your body will start to use muscle tissue for energy and your metabolism will drastically slow down. The HCG drops are there to help your body target the abnormal fat in the body while keeping your energy and metabolism high.

Are there side effects?

Because HCG is a naturally occurring hormone in the body, there are no dangerous side effects. Some participants experience mild headaches the first couple days as the body adjusts to the new diet, but these disappear after the first week.

Can I take HCG with prescriptions?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition that requires you to take medication, we recommend that you discuss the diet plan with your physician before you begin any diet.

Are there specific instructions for taking the drops?

Yes, and these will be found with your formula when you order it. Remember to take the correct dosage at regular times in order to get the most from your diet. A big part of the diet is to make sure to prepare well for it. Doing that will greatly increase your chances of success.

How much will I lose?

Most HCG dieters experience a loss of up to 2 pounds per day. At the very least, you will see .5 pounds of fat per day fall off your frame. Remember to stick to the diet and take the correct dosages in order to maximize your results.

Will the weight stay off?

Yes! While other diets work only as long as you are on them, the HCG diet program ensures years of health and sustained weight loss. This is because the HCG retrains your body to use the abnormal fat more effectively. The diet will also help give you a new appreciation for good, healthy, whole foods along with better eating habits.

Should I do the diet if I am about to menstruate?

It’s okay to start the HCG diet at any time, but to get the most out of your diet it is recommended that you start 5 days prior to starting your menstruation cycle. During you menses, be sure to drink high volumes of water and stick to the 500 calorie diet. You can also take ibuprofen if you experience cramps during that time.

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