History Of The HCG Diet

The HCG diet was introduced in the early 1950’s when a diet plan was presented by Dr. ATW Simeons, a British endocrinologist, to the public. This doctor discovered the usefulness of HCG when it comes to improving the human body and health. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) contains 244 amino acids. This is a hormone which is usually produced by pregnant women in excessive amounts in their placenta and extracted during urination. In the past, the HCG is used when it comes to treating female infertility because of its ability to induce ovulation. HCG also serves as a precursor and works in increasing low levels of testosterone.

The connection of HCG to weight loss was actually discovered by Dr. Simeons when after treating men with low levels of testosterone through HCG, he noticed a significant loss in their weight and excess belly fats. This led him to experiment with the hormone and realized that the positive effects of the HCG to the hypothalamus gland contribute to the effective regulation of weight. Within ten years, Dr. Simeons continued to do some tests with an aim of finding the perfect match between the right amount of HCG and a healthy diet plan. He continued to look for foods and developed diet plans that will match with a specific amount of HCG. After just ten years of experimentation, Simeons was able to create the right combination of diet plan and HCG which when followed is said to help both men and women to lose significant amount of weight within just a short period.

When the experiments of Simeons were exposed, several doctors and health care and medical professions from different parts of the world decided to visit him to learn more about the new discovery. Because of the extreme popularity received by his works, he decided to publish a book entitled Pounds and Inches, a New Approach to Obesity in the year 1967 so doctors would become more familiar about his findings. This led worldwide doctors and other medical professionals to fully understand the HCG diet and its relation to weight loss.

Since then, the HCG diet has become widely known all over the world. HCG has become extremely popular even up to the present. In fact, you can now find a lot of people from different countries who tend to order HCG online with an aim of correcting their weight loss problems. Different contents are also spread all over the internet that aim to help those who are living outside of US and ordered the HCG online to gain information about the process of the HCG diet. The contents also aim to provide relevant information about the proper use of the HCG drops in order for those who have tried it out to generate the best results.

The most popular version of the HCG weight loss solution at present is the HCG drops. The reason behind this is that the drops are more convenient to take than the injections. Among the many benefits that you can expect to receive from taking the HCG drops are rapid weight loss results, hunger prevention, attack all your stubborn fat stores and help you in developing better and healthier eating habits.

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