Best HCG Drops Reviews

HCG diet drops have become a popular diet choice for those looking to lose weight quickly. There are many diet drops to chose from ranging quite a bit in price. While most of these drops are based at lease loosely on Dr. Simeons’ book “Pounds and Inches” and his now famous HCG protocol for weight loss, we’ve found that there is a wide difference in quality.

While considering an HCG diet drop, its important to read reviews to determine the legitimacy of the product. Since online consumerism growing as it is, its become common reviews have become a great way for people to gain valuable information about product choices before purchasing. Since not all products are created equal, its important to carefully consider options to make sure to find one that benefits you the most.

On this site you will find helpful information about the HCG products we find most effective. We also collect feedback from our readers in order to find those hidden gems that fly under the radar but give people the weight loss results they are looking for. We assess ingredients, pros and cons, and a general overview of the companies behind the hcg products. Below you’ll find our top hcg reviews.

Top Rated HCG Drops

Rank Product Name User Rating Review More Info
#1 Easy HCG   
All Natural Weight Loss
  hcg diet drops rating - 5 stars 5/5 Rate and Review a HCG Drop  Easy HCG Review Read review
#2 HCG Ultra Diet Drops   
Safe, Rapid, Weight Loss
 hcg diet drops rating - 4 stars 4/5 Rate and Review a HCG Drop  HCG Ultra Diet Drops Review Read review
#3 HCG 1234   
Hormone-Free, Effective Weight Loss
 hcg diet drops rating - 4 stars 4/5 Rate and Review a HCG Drop  HCG 1234 Review Read review
#4 My HCG Plus   
Drop the pounds & cut the inches
 hcg diet drops rating - 3.5 stars 3.5/5 Rate and Review a HCG Drop  My HCG Plus Review Read review
#5 YourHCG   
The Healthy Way to Lose Weight
 hcg diet drops rating - 3 stars 3/5 Rate and Review a HCG Drop  YourHCG Review Read review

Easy HCG Review

Rating: 5/5

Among the dozens of HCG diet drops we’ve reviewed, Easy HCG is perhaps the most advanced HCG drops formula available. While on the search for HCG drops, they are easily one of the most known brands of HCG drops with many #1 rankings on HCG review boards all over the web.

We liked Easy HCG right away and it started with their helpful and friendly customer service and the ease of use of their website. They didn’t try to include annoying upsells, or unscrupulous rebill/autoship options during the checkout process, it was all really simple and straight forward. Their hassle free no questions asked money back guarantee was a bonus as well.

Easy HCG ingredients include HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), Arginine (helps to increase healing of the tissues, build up the immune system and release hormones), L-Carnitine (another ingredient that increases the metabolism by expediting the breakdown of excessed stored fat into energy), and Ornithine (helps to increase metabolic functions and support both the liver and kidneys). These combination of ingredients was easily a favorite formulation amongst our readers and those that have been successful with the diet.

Some of the other benefits of Easy HCG include:

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • Ships same day if ordered before 3pm.
  • No prescription required!
  • No injections required. Simply place HCG drops under tongue!
  • You get the same HCG diet that doctors charge hundreds of dollars for!
  • Most effective HCG formulation on the market.
  • Lose up to 1 to 2 pounds per day.
  • Unlimited diet support.
  • Access to recipes, menus, guides and advice.

HCG Ultra Diet Drops Review

Rating: 4/5

When compared with other HCG programs out there HCG Ultra ranks among the top. Not only is their homeopathic HCG formula suited to help people lose weight fast and easy but they are among the best priced drops on the market. They also have an extremely high customer satisfaction ranking. If you are looking for an HCG program that actually works then you won’t go wrong with HCG Ultra.

HCG 1234

Rating: 4/5

Usually you find homeopathic HCG in most oral drops. HCG1234 is a hormone-free product. HCG 1234 uses a combination of amino acids and herbal supplements that are know to help the bodies metabolism as well as help to burn abnormal fat levels. The combination of these ingredients works in the same way HCG works and while on a low calorie diet will help your body burn fat to use as energy.

HCG 1234 Benefits

We’ve already been over a few things that makes this product extraordinary but here are some more:

Money back guarantee.
Comes with a complete diet kit.
Great online pricing.
24-7 customer support through email or phone.
Effective hormone-free product.
Increased calorie program.

MyHCG Plus Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Totally unique to MyHCGPlus is the level of lifetime support from their HCG Diet Experts and Certified Nutrition Coaches on staff, all of whom have lost and kept off anywhere from 45 to 120 pounds since 2009. MyHCGPlus offers phone, live chat, or email support 100+ hours each week, plus easy-to-follow guides, new recipes, progress tracker, and meal plans to virtually guarantee your weight loss success.

YourHCG Review

Rating: 3/5

YourHCG currently offers HCG formulas and HCG weight loss plans and programs for people looking to lose weight in a fast and safe way. The different programs offer many resources to help the customers achieve their weight loss goal in a timely fashion. Products 15-DAY PROGRAM – This program includes a 1 oz. bottle of […]