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DIY HCG Review

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DIY HCG offers two different types of HCG weight loss drops: DIY HCG and Mediral. Mediral is their original formula which is taken in conjunction with the strict HCG diet protocol. The company continues to sell this formula while it has also introduced the DIY HCG. The only difference is that the DIY HCG formula contains cell salts which they claim helps to reduce certain side effects such as muscle cramping.

DIY HCG offers a wide range of different products:

  • DIY HCG 30 Day Diet Drops – contains a 2 oz. bottle of HCG Drops for $74.77.*
  • DIY HCG 15 Day Diet Drops – contains a 1 oz. bottle of HCG Drops for $39.77.*
  • Mediral HCG 15 Day Diet Drops – contains a 1 oz. bottle of HCG Drops for $39.77.*
  • A variety of HCG-friendly diet books at low prices.
  • Many different flavors of Stevia (Stevia is a sugar substitute).
  • HCG Diet supplements like Vitamin B-12 Drops and more.
  • Many different HCG-friendly diet foods.

    HCG-Friendly Diet Food avail. through DIY HCG

*HCG Diet Drops also come with a DIY HCG “Loser’s Manual”

DIY HCG offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you have consulted them and you still do not see any results. However, this is only for the DIY HCG money-back guarantee pack, not for all their products.

If you are looking just for a re-filler bottle, this company may be good for you. The website also offers a lot of help and advice for taking on the HCG diet. As with other HCG diets, the program is safe for men and women to take and will help to lose excess weight quickly.


The price for the actual drops is not too high, but as soon as you start adding on other products you will end up with a very expensive shopping cart. Additionally, the new DIY HCG formula claims to reduce side effects by having added cell salts. This may be an unnecessary ingredient as most people do not have any bad side effects or symptoms from HCG.

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