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HCG Platinum Review

Rating: 2.5/5

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HCG Platinum is a popular HCG supplement that most people are familiar with. You may have seen it in in GNC and other health supplement stores. While our tests showed good results, as a whole it didn’t compare to our #1 HCG supplement. However, Platinum HCG is still a great HCG diet drop, one which we are happy to recommend for those looking to quickly drop some extra pounds.

Active Ingredients:

  • HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), 6X, 12X, 30X, 60X-a name for artificial HCG
  • L-arginine 3X, 12X, 30X-a natural amino acid, this has been known to improve muscular breakdown and nitric oxide delivery
  • Acetyl-l-carnitine, 3X, 12X, 30X – an amino acid that helps in your body’s process of metabolism. It helps your body to produce energy.
  • L-ornithine 3X, 12X, 30X – another amino acid which is known as a powerful rejuvenator. It may be very helpful if you are trying to lose fat because it initiates the release of growth hormone in the body. This can be very helpful with fat metabolism.

Platinum HCG has no side effects.


– HCG PLATINUM 30-DAY SUPPLY – This 1 fl oz. bottle contains a 30 day supply of the HCG Platinum’s professional, USP grade proprietary formula. Included is a thorough success guide, detailing the diet protocol.  Priced at $89.95.  The HCG Platinum 60-day Supply contains a 2 fl oz. bottle and is priced at $149.95

– HCG PLATINUM MEAL REPLACEMENT DRINK – This Meal Replacement package contains 12 individual pouches of powder that serve to replace an entire meal while on the diet.  Priced at $39.99.

– HCG PLATINUM MAINTAIN – Maintain is a daily maintenance formula that provides a simple way to maintain your perfect weight. Maintain is specifically formulated to give HCG dieters energy while on the diet and also acts as an appetite suppressant.  Priced at $69.99.

– HCG PLATINUM X-14 – This .5 fl oz bottle contains a 14 day supply of the HCG Platinum’s professional, USP grade proprietary formula.  Priced at $39.99.  HCG Platinum X-30 contains a 1 fl oz. bottle and is priced at $89.95


Platinum HCG doesn’t come with a money back guarantee. But they do have a 7 day return policy for all unopened packages.


This product provides quick weight loss for both men and women using a natural substance.  Not only does it help break down fat but it also helps to curb appetite.  HCG Platinum also offers a variety of other products to help aid in weight loss.


The price was the main negative we found with Platinum HCG. At 1.5 times the price of other HCG drops, we thought it was a bit on the expensive side. However, when evaluating the value of any product, especially when it comes to weight loss, price shouldn’t be your only consideration.

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