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Simply HCG Review

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SimplyHCG offers professional grade homeopathic oral HCG drops from Mediral International Incorporated.  They are regulated by the FDA so you know that you are safe.  They offer a great HCG weight loss plan and not only provide the HCG drops but other tools and resources to help you lose weight.

If you are one of these people who need to lose weight and wants to end the yo-yo cycle of dieting, you may want to look into enrolling in an HCG program. Companies like SimplyHCG offer a natural, homeopathic way to lose weight and keep it off. HCG is a hormone that is found in the body. When it is taken at high dosages, it has been shown to help people rapidly lose weight and keep it off in the long run.

3 WEEK PROGRAM – SimplyHCG starts at $89. This program supplies enough HCG formula for 21 days and promises a 5 to 15 pound weight loss during that time. Included in the package is a bottle of oral hCG formula, a bottle of vitamin B complex, a measuring syringe and the protocol and recipe guide.  Price with Success Kit is $129.

6 WEEK PROGRAM – This program starts at $149.  This program supplies enough HCG formula for 42 days and promises a 15 to 40 pound weight loss during that time.  Included in the package are 2 bottles of oral hCG formula, 2 bottles of vitamin B complex, a measuring syringe and the protocol and recipe guide. Price with Success Kit is $189.

You can also purchase their Success Kits along with each of these programs which include the following:

6-Week Program + Success Kit

  • 42 Stevia Packets
  • 2 Bottles Liquid Stevia
  • 2 ‘Smooth Move’ Tea Packets
  • 20 Green Tea Packets

One benefit of using any SimplyHCG program is that it is an all-natural, homeopathic way to lose weight.  SimplyHCG also has many HCG-friendly recipes that will help you with your weight loss.

One of the disadvantages of Simply HCG is that the price is quite high compared to other hCG programs. Also, the company does not include very many extra products to help support you on your diet.

Special Offers

Appetite Support Supplement

SimplyHCG also offers an appetite support supplement that goes great along with the HCG drops to help curb your appetite which will lead to weight loss.

This homeopathic, professional grade product can be used while on and off the HCG Diet Program.  It provides increased appetite control and has been found to further increase fat loss around the stomach area and to tighten skin during weight loss.

The homeopathic appetite support supplement is priced at $35.



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