Understanding The Science Behind HCG Drops

If you are considering taking the HCG diet to lose weight, it is important to understand how it works. The HCG diet has helped thousands of people lose weight over the years and there have been countless reports of other health benefits associated with it including decreased cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. In contrast to other types of weight loss programs, the HCG diet is based on endocrinology. This is a branch of medicine that focuses on the function of hormones and the associated glands.


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that is naturally produced in a woman during pregnancy. It is primarily meant to maintain a healthy environment for fetus development. In addition, this hormone also controls metabolic functions of the pregnant woman by allowing her body to mobilize stored fat and then use this as energy for both the fetus and mother. For the HCG diet, very small amounts of HCG are administered to take advantage of this natural mechanism.


It is important to note that HCG drops only provide minimal amounts of the hormone. This amount is insufficient to support a pregnancy, so you do not have to worry about your body going into ‘pregnancy mode’. In combination with the recommended low calorie diet, your body is tricked into changing its metabolism to burn fat. Although you may experience short-term weight loss with a low calorie diet alone, your body will actually slow down its metabolism to preserve itself and further fat loss will be inhibited.

Burning Fat

HCG will cause your hypothalamus to mobilize fat stored in abnormal locations in your body while the low calorie diet ensures that the change in metabolism is triggered on a daily basis. This means that you will constantly lose the abnormal fat in your body, which more than makes up for the calories you do not take through food. Ultimately, you will be able to lose a lot of fat, even up to 2 pounds daily.

One of the reasons why so many diets fail is because once the body realizes that the calorie intake is reduced, it naturally goes into preservation mode by preserving stored calories until normal feeding is resumed. However, with the HCG drops, your metabolism is maintained so your energy levels remain high and consistent fat loss is experienced while you are on the program.

Continued Fat Loss

Another aspect of the HCG diet that sets it apart from other diet programs is the fact that your hypothalamus is completely reset, which means that you are not at risk of taking up all the fat later on. Consistently using HCG for a period of 40 days will cause your body to adjust to the high metabolic rate for weeks after using the HCG drops, so you may experience fat loss even after the HCG drops have been discontinued.

However, it is important to note that your body will become immune to HCG with continued use. A 3-week interval is recommended after 42 doses to allow this immunity to wear off if you plan to remain on the diet. Ultimately, you should be able to effectively attain your weight goal through the HCG diet.

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