12 Organic Foods for Dieting

Update: These are not HCG diet specific foods. However many of these foods are great healthy choices to maintain you weight once you are done with the diet.

There are many people out there who only eat foods that are natural and organic. The reason is that they do not want to put foods into their bodies that are full of chemicals. However, when the person wants to lose weight, many times they believe that they have to get away from the organic foods to really make a dent in the weight that they are trying to lose. However, this is not true, there are many organic foods that are going to speed up the weight loss that people are having. There are many natural foods that people can eat in order to stem on weight loss, such as:

– organic artichokes: helps to stimulate metabolism and great source of protein

– grapefruits: helps to drop weight when added to any food

– apples: is less calories than it takes to burn, thus helping the person lose weight

– organic peanut butter: packed with more natural protein

– carrots: high in fiber and the higher fiber intake the more weight a person burns

– broccoli: helps fat cells to burn more calories

– soy nuts: One of the best ways to increase protein and fiber to encourage more weight loss

– grounded flaxseed: helps increase the calories that are burned

– chili peppers: helps the body to burn calories at a faster rate

– organic and raw almonds: helps the metabolism to kick in faster

– organic, grass fed beef: helps you feel fuller and decrease the chances of overeating

– black beans: appetite suppressant

So why are the organic foods the best that people can get for their diet? These are foods that are found in nature and because of this they are high in certain nutrients and are known to help the body just perform overall better. Those that are trying to lose weight, do not have to give up on making sure that they are eating only organic foods. In fact, those that eat organic foods are found that they are better able to control their weight. Too many times when these foods are put through the processing plant they lose their natural found abilities to help the person that eats these. Take for example peanut butter that is not natural is going to lose the protein that helps keep the person at their most healthiest. Organic peanut butter is going to contain all the ingredients needed to make it healthy. And these organic foods can be integrated into almost every kind of diet that is out there.

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