HCG Diet and the Food Pyramid

An important part of losing weight on the HCG diet program is understanding the food pyramid and what proper nutrition you should be putting into your body. When you begin the diet whether you choose to go with HCG diet drops or HCG injections, you will find that your calorie intake is drastically reduced, making it that much more important that you get all the correct vitamins and nutrients from the food you are allowed to consume. Once you understand what is allowed and how much of each area of the food pyramid you should be eating, you’ll then be able to start making delicious recipes that are in accordance with the diet program.

The Pyramid

The food pyramid has been put in place by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as a guideline for what the average person should consume in a day. The pyramid consists of six different groups: carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, fats, dairy and protein. The USDA recommends a mix of all six groups in order to live a healthy life. When you get started on the HCG diet, your daily intake of calories will come from 25% carbohydrates, 35% healthy fats and 40% from proteins.


When you are on the HCG diet, you can get your daily amount of grains and carbohydrates from either garlic or wheat Melba Toast. However, the toast does not necessarily have to be consumed. There have been some individuals who have reported losing more weight once they completely cut out toast altogether. There are other approved grains, but this should be a very small portion of your daily calorie intake.


When people think of fats, they tend to view them as detrimental to diets and something to stay away from. However, there are different types of fats in foods, with some of them being healthy and vital to the success of your diet. For example, the fats found in seafood, lean meats and poultry are good for you and help your body function better by keeping the sugars you consume from rushing through the body too quickly. Good fats are also found in nuts, avocados and oily fish. Just remember that although these types of fat are good for you, they are still quite high in calories.


Protein will make up a significant amount of your daily calorie intake. The protein you consume can be from fish, poultry and lean meats. If you are a vegetarian, you can substitute the meat for eggs, a small glass of skim milk or 3.5 oz of fat free cottage cheese. Remember, however, that as a general rule no dairy is allowed in the HCG diet, so you may experience slower weight loss.

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