HCG Drops Vs HCG Injections

Many people have decided to take control of their lives and weights by embarking on the homeopathic HCG diet program. It has proven to be a really great, effective way to lose weight and keep it off for good. If you have decided this is the path for you, congratulations! You will be amazed at the results you will begin to see immediately and will feel healthier with each day.

Once you’ve decided to take the first important step, you may come across two different ways to take the HCG formula: through drops or injections. Both techniques involve similar formulas and result in a weight loss of one to two pounds per day. They both are also combined with a very low calorie diet that optimizes the fat burning process. So how do you decide which method is best?

The original HCG diet plan was created by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons who used injections for his clients. Some people believe that the original injections are the best way to participate in the program, however, as the plan was created 50 years ago the method is a bit outdated. Instead, the diet plan has evolved to include a homeopathic oral drop for an easier and more convenient form of taking the formula.

Some complaints about the drops are that they have to be refrigerated and taken three times a day as compared to the once a day injection. Keep in mind, however, that inserting a needle into your body everyday can be much more of a hassle. The shots are usually injected into the thigh which can sometimes be painful and result in temporary yet visible bruising. With the drops you do not have to worry about any potential pain or bruising as the drops are simply placed under the tongue.

So which one do you use, shots or drops? While it may be tempting to use the once a day shot, the drops are much more modern, safe and widely available. They also have a longer shelf life and are easier to obtain.

With our HCG drops and diet plan, you now have a way to effectively lose weight safely and in the private and comfort of your own home. The plan involves the safe weight loss formula and a new way of thinking about food that ensures years of healthy weight maintenance even once you have ended your diet. By beginning today you are taking control of your weight for a healthier and happier future.

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