How HCG Works

The body is made up of three different types of fat: structural fat, normal fat and abnormal fat. The first two are essential for the body to operate effectively, while the latter is unnecessary and can cause many physical and psychological problems. The abnormal fat can be found in many different forms such as love handles, saddle bags, saggy bellies and spare tires. In order to live the healthiest and happiest life you can, it’s important be as fit and slim as possible. This is where the HGC diet protocol can really help.

The HCG diet protocol consists of both a very low calorie diet and the proper amounts of HCG needed to stimulate the individual’s hypothalamus. How this works is that the HCG helps to activate the hypothalamus which in turn releases excess and abnormal fat, helping you burn more as a result. Then, once the HCG diet protocol has been completed, the person’s hypothalamus will reset to its normal function. Alternatively, without the HCG diet a hypothalamus that is operating incorrectly can lead to the body having constant cravings, slow metabolism, intense, all-day hunger pains and a surplus of abnormal fat.


Most HCG formulas are produced in compliance with the highest grades of the Good Manufacturing Practices which have been set forth by the FDA.  The other certified ingredients that can be found in many HCG formulas include:

L-Leucine: This is an essential amino acid that the body itself cannot synthesize. L-Leucine is used by the liver and muscle tissues to create proteins that help rebuild and regenerate muscles.

Panax Quinquefolium: This ingredient helps to relieve anxiety, stress, fatigue and trauma

Arginine: Arginine helps to increase healing of the tissues, build up the immune system and release hormones.

Fucus vesiculosus: This ingredient helps to stimulate the thyroid and in turn increase metabolism.

Ornithine: Ornithine helps to increase metabolic functions and support both the liver and kidneys.

L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine is another ingredient that increases the metabolism by expediting the breakdown of excessed stored fat into energy. It also helps the kidneys and energy levels by improving the disposal of glucose in the body.

L-Glutamic Acid: This ingredient is there to support the liver by helping dispose of excess nitrogen in the body.

All of the nutrients, vitamins and ingredients in the HCG formula have been proven to help speed up the metabolism and get the body breaking down excess and abnormal fat better. HCG combined with a low calorie diet is an incredibly effective way to start immediately shedding the unwanted pounds.

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