How To Maintain Weight Loss After The HCG Diet

Once you’ve successfully carried out the HCG diet regime, you ought to have been able to drop the extra weight you desired to lose. You’ll want to maintain your body weight at a suitable level for good. One, you will require a careful re-introduction of food items into your everyday caloric intake. Second, you’ll also want to begin regular exercises unless you’re not recommended intense workouts. Here are some important tips you need to follow in order to make long term weight management easier for you.

Following your final HCG drops, you need to carry on with the 500 calories a day diet you’ve been in for an extra 2 – 3 days. Doing this allows your system to adjust. You’ll also require an extra period of three weeks for it to become stable as you’re allowed to take any type of food so long as it does not contain starch or sugar.

For the duration of this three week period you’re advised to weigh yourself daily to make sure you’re not adding in excess of two pounds above your body weight recorded on your final weigh in during phase 2.

Next after the three weeks window on a reduced carbohydrates intake plan, you may gradually introduce modest amounts of food ingredients containing starch and sugars. You may need to make a steady increase in your daily allowance to ensure that you are having the right amount of calorie consumption you need to sustain your present weight. In short you need to discover what your calorie intake allowance is.

You can boost your diet plan during the three week phase with omega 3 fatty acids present in flaxseeds, walnuts, and also cold water fish like sardines and salmon. You can even have a glass of wine provided that you abstain from starchy food products such as snack food products. Also included in this list is beer as it contains a lot of sugar and has no nutritional value, so try to avoid it.

You need to embrace a healthy and balanced diet plan that stresses on fruits ( include small quantities of cherries, grapes, and one half of a banana), vegetables (including cauliflower, carrots and broccoli), and lean protein. Keep on buying and consuming organic foods just as much as possible. Decide on an exercise program that you may stick with by picking out a physical exercise that you enjoy. Walking, jogging, stretching out, or even housework are some of the activities you can do to aid in weight maintenance.

You need to continue drinking plenty of water; you can take a vitamin/nutritional supplement and also eat high fiber food items daily. To avoid temptation, order your foodstuff by telephone or ask your friend or member of the family to go shopping with you.

Obviously, anytime, you sense that you’ve added on further weight again, you may get back to the ‘maintenance phase’ of your HCG diet protocol in order to shed off the excess weight just before it gets to be an issue again. You can return to your regular use of HCG and also your 500-calorie diet regime and return to your target. Feeding on well after weight-loss and not falling back into previous bad eating habits ought to make it easy for you to retain your new weight.

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