Loading Days Explained

Dr. Simeons

When Dr. ATW Simeons first outlined the HCG diet program, part of the essential first step involved “loading days.” The loading days consisted of two to three days of consuming as many high-fat foods as possible when beginning the injections. Dr. Simeons wrote that is was completely necessary for a successful diet and that skipping the loading days or consuming too little fat could slow down the weight loss or even cause the dieter to fail.

Why Load?

The reason the dieter must load up on the fat for the first two or three days is in order to get the fat reserves stocked up and ready to be metabolized. When the dieter starts the injections, they don’t actually start to kick in until the third shot, which is why it is a bad idea to begin the 500 calorie diet from the get-go. If you were to start the diet with the first injection, you would feel hungry, experience high cravings and have a depletion of energy. Not only that, but your metabolism won’t be working at its hardest, making it that much more difficult to get rid of the excess and abnormal weight.

Which Foods to Eat

A lot of dieters are reluctant to eat fatty foods during the first two days because they are afraid they will gain weight and not lose it. Also, fat tends to have a big, bad stigma attached to it. However, there are some really healthy ways to get fat into your body. Try eating oily foods like avocados, nuts, oily fish, red meat and olive oil. Just because you need to consume large amounts of fat does not mean you have to be completely unhealthy.


Today more and more people are opting for the homeopathic oral HCG drops over the injections. With the drops, it is less necessary to partake in the loading days. However, it is still a good idea to prepare your body for the strict, low calorie diet you will be participating in. You can do this by cutting out certain foods here and there in the week or two leading up to the diet. These can be small changes, like not drinking cola, switching to fat free salad dressing, cutting down on carbohydrates and more.

Whichever path you choose, it’s important to prep your body so that you get the best results from your diet. If you do, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish and will see .5 to 2 lbs of weight drop off everyday.

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