Obesity and Age

When Do We Start Getting Fat?

It’s clear that there is an obesity epidemic plaguing the United States today. Year after year more and more people are falling into the “obese” category with BMIs over 30. The question is, what age group is most affected and what can we do to curb this worrying trend? This is a question that industry experts have been grappling with for some time now. Recent statistics have shown a trend that points out how weight gain begins slowly in adolescence and then sky rockets in early childhood and teenage years. The problem occurs when the overweight individual reaches their 20’s when metabolism slows and is combined with a more sedentary lifestyle, resulting in obesity.

Negative Effects Of Being Overweight & Obese

  • Low energy
  • Low confidence
  • Bad moods
  • Negative self-esteem
  • Reduced life expectancy
  • Risk of coronary heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Risk of stroke
  • Risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Reproductive problems
  • Sleep apnea
  • Risk of cancer

And there are many, many more negative effects!

Take Care Of The Problem Early On

It is clear that the trend for overweight children is to end up being obese later on in life. The important thing is to catch the problem early in order to give young adults a chance at living a long, healthy and happy life before the problem escalates. There are many “solutions” and quick-fix plans available which can make it difficult to know which path to choose. However, one option to seriously consider is the homeopathic HCG weight loss plan. This program is about resetting your body’s functions while teaching you better eating habits. The result is a lifetime of success and health, not just a short term fix.

The HCG diet works by combining a low calorie diet with HCG drops taken three times daily. What the HCG does is help your body effectively use and break down the excess fat in the body to be used as energy. The result is one to two pounds of fat loss per day. What is great about the program is that it is homeopathic, so there are no scary invasive procedures or worrying side effects to contend with. It also proves to be effective in the long term since the drops are teaching your body to function on a higher level while the diet teaches you how to cook and appreciate much healthier foods.

No matter what your age is it is never too late to take control of your weight by embarking on the HCG diet plan. It is more than just a weight loss solution – it’s a new lease on life.

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