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GotHCG Review

Rating: 3/5

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If you are one of the millions of Americans struggling to lose weight, just picking out the right way to go about it can be a problem. The diet industry is huge, and there are so many diets, plans, programs and supplements that it can be confusing and difficult to pick just one. What often happens is that people sample a variety of different programs and end up yo-yo dieting for the rest of their lives.

One popular, natural way to lose weight that more and more people are finding success with is the HCG diet protocol. With this program, you take a homeopathic, oral drop of the hormone HCG. This hormone naturally occurs in the body, so you won’t have to worry about ingesting chemicals or dealing with nasty side effects. What HCG does is it interacts with the hypothalamus to boost your metabolic functions and target abnormal fat cells. There are many companies that offer this formula, and here we will review GotHCG.

GotHCG offers two different kits. The first kit is a 40 day program which costs $99.95. When you sign up for this plan you get a 40 day supply of the oral HCG drops, a small vial of B-Total drops, detailed instructions, HCG diet cookbook and full support and free consultations. The other kit is the 74 day program which includes all the same products plus an extra vial of B-Total drops and a 75 day supply of the HCG drops. There are no additional products available that you can purchase separately.

The benefits of using HCG are great, regardless of which company you decide to go through. These benefits include rapid weight loss, increased energy and decreased appetite. It is also a naturally occurring hormone, so you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals or bad side effects.

The biggest problem with GotHCG is that there are very limited options available. Most companies offer a 15 or 26 day plan for those who only want to lose 20 – 30 pounds. With GotHCG, the basic plan starts at 45 days which is quite expensive. The other problem with the kits is that there aren’t too many additional products to help you achieve your goals and stay on track.

There are no guarantees and all sales are final.

There are no special offers from GotHCG.

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