The HCG Diet, Traveling, Eating Out and Parties

With any diet, traveling and eating out at restaurants can prove to be tricky. This is especially true for the HCG diet since you are only allowed 500 calories a day and they are restricted to certain types of food. This does not mean you have to sacrifice your social life, however. It is still possible to stick to the diet when you travel, go to parties or dine out with friends and family. There are just a few adjustments you need to make in order to stay on track with your HCG diet program.


The first important thing to stay on track is to remember to take your HCG drops regularly. You don’t want to miss a dose while traveling as it can result in strong cravings and a weakened determination. The hormone is a key ingredient in the success of the diet. It helps to suppress hunger and cravings while increasing your metabolic functions and energy levels. If you continue with your HCG doses, you’ll be able to stay in control of the food you consume when away from the house. If you plan on traveling for a few days, remember to pack enough to see you through that time. Also, take care to keep your drops in a cool pack.

Dining Out

While it would be ideal to prepare all your meals while on the HCG diet, this is not always possible. There will be times where you have to eat out, so you will need to have the tools to make the right decisions about what you eat. Stick to vegetables and lean meats that are boiled, steamed or poached, as they will have no extra calories. You will be amazed at how many calories, salt and sugar is added with just a couple tablespoons of sauce or dressing. Also, avoid the bread bowl and sugary or alcoholic drinks. Drinks add empty calories which can derail your diet. Instead, stick to soda water with lemon or an herbal tea. When ordering, don’t be afraid to specify to the waiter exactly what you want and how you want it prepared.


Parties tend to be the bane of many diets and can really throw off a dieter’s progress. Most parties tend to have high fat, salty and sugary foods and copious amounts of alcohol. With the social nature of the event, most people tend to consume huge amounts of calories without even realizing it. To help prevent this, make sure you have a healthy snack or meal before you head out. This will help keep you full throughout the night and help you fight off potential cravings.

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