The HCG Diet for Men

The HCG diet program has become very popular recently with people looking to lose weight and get their lives back on a healthy track. The HCG hormone naturally occurs in the body and is found in high quantities in pregnant women. It is only natural that men interested in embarking on the diet would want to know if it is safe for them and whether or no there are any harmful side effects. This article is here to help address those concerns and answer any questions you may have about starting the HCG diet plan.

Is It Safe For A Man’s Body?

While HCG is commonly found in high amounts during a woman’s pregnancy, it also occurs in men in the testes. The function of HCG is there to help regulate testosterone in the body. When taken at a higher dosage, the HCG helps to break down abnormal and excessive fat in both men and women. It also interacts with the hypothalamus to keep you from getting hungry or from having cravings. Because it is naturally occurring and homeopathic, there are no harmful side effects that you need to worry about. The only negative effects you might experience are the kinds of things you would feel when you begin any diet such as body fatigue and mild headaches. These usually tend to pass very quickly as your body adapts to the diet.

Side Effects?

There might be some side effects that occur if you decide to take the HCG injections rather than the oral drops. The effects might be soreness and tenderness in the injected area and visible bruising. There have also been a few cases where men have noticed an increased restlessness after taking the injection, but this tends to be a rare occurrence. If any of these symptoms or side effects become bothersome or worse overtime, it is recommended that you consult your family doctor or physician to see about alternatives such as taking the drops orally.

In general, the side effects for men on the HCG diet program tend to be very mild – if they occur at all. This is because the formula is natural and homeopathic as compared to other diet pills and powders that are loaded with chemicals. However, as with any diet supplement, it’s important to pay attention to your body. If you experience any negative side effects, be sure to discuss the problem with a qualified medical professional to explore alternatives.

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