Tips for Staying on Track with your HCG Diet

As you begin your HCG diet, you will start to become more knowledgeable about what food is good for you, and will also begin to develop a taste for healthier foods. Because the diet is quite strict, you’ll begin to see what works and doesn’t when it comes to dropping weight and living a healthier life. At the end of the diet, you will have a new outlook on food and a much healthier, more sustainable relationship with it. However, it is a process and as a result you may experience hiccups and setbacks along the way. Take a look below for tips on how to stay on track and avoid temptation.


Before you begin your diet, take small steps that will ensure your long term success. For example, you may want to begin by cutting butter out of your diet, switching your salad dressings to fat free versions, reducing your carb intake, etc. By making little changes before the diet begins, your body will be ready to handle the very strict HCG diet regime. Plus, once the diet is finished you will have already developed much healthier food habits.

Start Reducing Fat Intake

  1. Switch to low fat meats like fish, chicken, turkey and lean cuts of beef.
  2. Bake your foods instead of frying them.  Baking requires less oil.
  3. Move down to fat-free milk.  It may be hard to go from whole milk to skim/fat-free so gradually make this change by going to 2% then 1% until you are comfortable with fat-free milk.  Also use low-fat dairy products like cream cheese, cottage cheese, and sour cream.
  4. Cut out junk food.  This is hard to do so you may want to gradually cut back but remember to make that gradual change sooner than laterso that you are off of it completely.
  5. When cooking for yourself you can adjust your recipes to cut down on high-fat ingredients like oil, butter and cheese.

Arrange the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a place of big temptation, which is why you need to make sure your kitchen is organized for success. The first thing to do is get rid of any fattening, sweet, salty foods and snacks that may become a temptation for you. Next, make sure all the food is stored away and out of sight. This way you won’t be thinking about food when you have to pass through the kitchen. Finally, try to stay out of the kitchen unless you are preparing your meal. If you absolutely must have a snack, be sure to have some fruit or raw veggies on hand to keep you going.

Make sure to also have enough HCG drops on hand to carry you throughout the entire diet. Many people begin their diet with just a couple of ounces of HCG. After a successful week they wish to continue the diet to lose that last few pounds, but can’t because they have run out of HCG drops. Set your self up for success and purchase enough HCG because as mentioned earlier, it really is the secret formula to this amazing diet.

Make Conscious Choices

One of the reasons people put on weight is because they don’t make conscious decisions about what they are putting into their mouths. When you are on the HCG diet, it’s important to think about everything you consume. The food is there to give you fuel, make you healthy and help you lose weight. If you find yourself drawn towards food out of a bad mood or boredom, take a step back and address those feelings instead of stuffing your mouth. It is also important to eat at regular meal times and without any distractions. Focus on what you are eating instead of watching tv which can cause you to overeat without realizing it.

With just a few tips and techniques at hand, you’ll be able to get the most out of your HCG diet program and combat your bad food habits. While it may seem difficult at the beginning, remember that it does get easier. By the end of the diet you’ll have a completely new outlook on food and much healthier eating habits overall.

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