What To Do If You Cheat On The HCG Diet

At some point you may be feeling bored or confined with eating a restricted amount of food while you are on the HCG diet. It may be that the idea of eating just one more meal with a simple piece of chicken or fish is too much to handle. And you wonder now that you have cheated on your diet, what do you do?

It is important to realize that variety is the spice of life. Something innate deep inside us all tells us we want more change in our life than just eating or doing the same thing every day. If you cheated once or twice on your restrictive HCG diet and eat some food that is restricted, or maybe consume too many calories in a single day, you need to lighten up, and realize you have not completely jeopardized your weight loss program.

Even Dr. Simeons, the doctor that discovered the positive effects of HCG realized the need for taking little breaks along the way, and built into the program the ability to stop taking your HCG drops with a total break after 42 days, or so. Numerous individuals who stay on a healthy HCG drops protocol have discovered that consuming certain foods, though not part of the program, will not cause a disruption or stall in their weight-loss, when eaten now and then.

The following seven particular food types have been shown to have no negative effect when consumed in small quantities. They include:

Cottage Cheese – This food is often overlooked as an acceptable alternative to consuming a standard portion of meat while on the HCG diet. It is important to purchase the fat free. You can consume a portion with your daily allotment of fruit.

Green Beans – You can easily consume a portion of green beans (no butter or margarine) without going overboard on your calorie count. You can add a dash of salt and pepper to add a little spice to the taste.

Crackers – You can consume the whole wheat variety of crackers in place of your approved standard breadstick or Melba toast.

Turkey – A small 4 ounce serving of turkey breast (ground or not) equals the same calorie and fat count as approximately 4 ounces rib eye steak.

Mixed Vegetables – Some individuals struggle with eating mixed vegetables. However, you can eat a 4 ounce portion and still not consume an additional 100 cal.

Watermelon – Many HCG Diet Clinics tell their patients they can have a slice of watermelon any time. With its high water count, and low sugar count, it makes a great addition without cheating on your diet.

Meat Stock – With only a fraction of sugar, oil and fat, consider drinking chicken broth, beef broth and bouillon cubes.

While it is quite possible to cheat on your diet and immediately stall on your weight loss by eating the wrong foods, choosing the correct foods allows you to cheat a little bit without doing significant damage. Just remember when eating the above seven foods, not to consume them often. Remember also that your HCG drops will work best when you follow the protocol correctly.

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