Why are we American’s so Fat??

Our Fat Problem

The United States has a serious fat problem, with more and more people falling in the overweight and “obese” category every year. Overweight is classified as having a BMI of between 25 and 29.9 while obese is 30 and higher. The result of an obese nation is that it puts a strain on our healthcare, slows productivity and drastically lowers the mortality rate of these individuals.

Why is this happening?

The problem with obesity has to do with the increasingly sedentary lifestyle of individuals combined with a higher intake of high calorie, high fat foods. As the waistlines of Americans go up, it seems that different weight loss plans and schemes also increase. Why aren’t these plans working? If you find yourself in the overweight or obese category, chances are you have tried many different plans and have failed. The problem with most weight loss fixes is that they work well for a few months but don’t succeed in the long run, sending you right back to where you started.

How HCG helps

One really great option that offers a long term solution is homeopathic HCG. The HCG diet involves taking HCG drops and restricting the calorie intake of the individual. While the diet is very strict, low in calories and limited to a small list of acceptable foods, the HCG drops help you stay on track by keeping the body functioning at its best. Without HCG added to the diet you would end up feeling hungry all day while battling constant cravings.

HCG in the Body

HCG helps to break down the excess fat in your body to be used as energy. It also helps the body redevelop a natural way of treating and storing fat. The HCG diet gets the body to empty out fat cells while also effectively absorbing the empty fat cells. What this means is that after the diet is completed, you body will be functioning at its best so you won’t have to worry about weight gain once you start to incorporate more calories into your diet.

Long Term Effects

A really great long term effect of the HCG diet is that you will learn to have a new appreciation of good foods. The diet helps you learn how to prepare meals without oils, butter or fatty meats and foods. You’ll begin to develop a taste for fresh, raw and healthy fruits and vegetables and lessen the dependance on overly starchy, salty and fatty foods. The new way your body treats fat, combined with the altered lifestyle, will help you to maintain your weight loss and live a full, happy and healthy life.

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